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A little bit about me. Warning - I waffle. No matter how hard I try not to. Sorry. I shall try to put a short summary here at the top, and then anyone who wants to read the longer version can carry on and do so!

The Summary:

I live and work in Brighton, where I recently moved after spending a couple of post-uni years with my parents in Somerset. Although I have a degree in Marine & Freshwater biology, I have always loved making things, so that is what I am doing! I attended an evening course on working with silver many years ago now, and have taught myself to work with leather in more recent years.

If I had to describe my 'style', I guess I would say that I like to keep things simple, and to try and make necessary features into part of a piece's appeal. My jewellery is usually about the wire work, with often just a single stone or bead as an accent. My leather work similarly is about the leather (obvious as that sounds!) - I like to use the contrast between colours or between smooth leather and suede to make things more interesting. I'll stop there, and just add that I hope you find something you like on the site, but if not then thank you for looking all the same!

The Longer Version:

Born and raised in Somerset, I went off to Wales to attend university in Aberystwyth and graduated with a BSc in Marine & Freshwater Biology back in 2007. Something I realised during my third year is that although I like learning all about fishes, I truly love making things - and a large part of biology, it seems, is pulling things apart.

Oddly enough at the end of my degree this left me feeling a little bit adrift, but I was lucky enough to find a job locally in a small craft shop & gallery. I spent a mostly happy two years meeting artists and customers alike, and viewing other people's work alongside both.

During this time I revived my old interest in working with silver - a set of skills learnt alongside my Dad at an evening course umpteen years ago. With a few confidence boosts provided by selling things both in the shop and later on at a couple of craft fairs it seemed that maybe I could go somewhere with this jewellery making thing.

Unfortunately I had rather poor timing (also I may have gotten a bit excited and not thought things through as thoroughly as I should have). I was living pretty much in the middle of nowhere, hadn't actually learnt to drive yet, and then the 'credit crunch' hit. Suffice to say, that particular attempt at the self employed game fell a little flat, although I do maintain that I ended with a positive feeling. Things started to get going, I just never managed to really get up and running.

So. Cut to a couple of years living back in Somerset with Dad (that wonderful long suffering man!), working in an entirely new job that was once again a step away from everything I had done before. My confidence grew in leaps and bounds - I got my driving license, seemed to be doing well enough in the new job, then met my current partner and felt like life in general was on a decided upswing.

The decision was made that I would move to Brighton. Time for round two with the self employment game, only this time I would include my newly developed leather work. I had been teaching myself since some time in the middle of my original self employment - memory is a bit hazy... I have a habit of trying new crafty things whenever I come across them but this one stuck with me.

This then is where you find me now. Loving Brighton, still loving the days when I sit down and make something, and driving myself (and probably Dom too) up the wall on the days when nothing goes the way I want it to.

I sincerely hope that you, whoever you are, find something you like on the site (assuming you haven't fallen asleep due to my waffling). If you don't, that's fine too - I well know that I can't please all the people all of the time! Thank you either way for taking the time out of your own life for looking around the site and for reading this.

If, bizarrely, you feel you need to read more of me waffling away then feel free to check out the blog.

Many thanks, and again I hope you enjoy looking over the rest of the site,